Music Education Advocacy Toolkit

Todd Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony Foundation advocates for the moral imperative of music education and music performance for youth, so every child has the opportunity to learn music regardless of socioeconomic status, geographic location, or ability. SOHF was established by Todd and his fans in 2013.

We hope you will get involved in Music Education advocacy:

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation has visited some of the most innovative music education programs in America’s public schools.  All across the country, strong leaders are giving students the transformative experience of music education by finding bold, yet feasible approaches to implementing programs in their schools or districts.

Based on our experiences and interactions with these amazing leaders, the Spirit of Harmony Foundation has generated a comprehensive advocacy toolkit designed help individuals aspiring to start up or enhance an existing music education program in their school or district.

Our advocacy starter kit includes:

  • Making the Case for Music Education – concise descriptions of the important benefits of music education and supporting articles.
  • “Teach Music” Music Education guide from Music for All.
  • A “How To” guide on starting or enhancing a strong Music Education Program
  • Presentation aids, brochures, power points, etc.
  • A listing of resources for music education programs
  • The success stories of two school groups, Lane Tech College Prep and UIC College Prep in Chicago, wherein bold leadership and goal-setting create truly transformative musical experiences for students (please feel free to write to us about YOUR success stories!!
  • A link to the NAMM Foundation Website, which hosts a cornucopia of research and advocacy tools
  • A Curriculum page, to gather and share information and ideas on bringing music to non-music subjects in the classroom