Supporting the Moral Imperative of Music Education

Todd Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony is a national organization that advocates for music education for children, particularly in public schools. Our mission is to work with individual music programs to assist them in building a sustainable network of local support, based on the measurable data that makes the case for the importance of music education in the neurological, social, academic, economic, and of course artistic, development of youth.

We forge meaningful partnerships among music programs, school districts, corporations, and other music education non-profits, engaging supporters and music fans to become involved in working with music education programs nationally and in their communities.

We believe in providing opportunities for personal development and self-expression through music, regardless of socioeconomic status, geographic location, or ability.

Working in harmony with our partners and stake holders, our goal is to develop and nurture strategic relationships that enhance the success of all.

“I never waited for something to happen—I just went out and did it. I didn’t wait for acclaim or affirmation or anything like that. I always kept myself busy and wrote music. Some people think that success only comes through the front door, so they’re waiting at that door. Truth is, sometimes it comes in the back door, so don’t worry about it. Just keep busy and do what you’re meant to do. If you do that, it’ll all come together.”
— Spirit of Harmony Foundation Founder and President Todd Rundgren in Guitar World, June 2015

Stand Up and Support Music Education!

For more information and for ideas about how YOU can get involved with grassroots music education advocacy, please explore our entire website, especially the section on Advocacy.

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