Calling All Educators!

Adding music to all aspects of a curriculum is a way to inspire students AND bring music to schools. Whether a school has a music program, or whether it does not, the addition of music concepts to the teaching of other subjects will bring more music into kids’ lives.

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation is looking for ways in which educators have successfully added a music component to “non-music” subjects. Have you integrated music into your non-music classes, or do you have a great idea for a way to make that happen?

Some example:

  • specializes in fully developed free lesson plans that integrate history, popular music, and cultural studies.
  • The Les Paul Foundation offers some excellent free lesson plans and resources:
  • Please also visit Creative Concepts in Music for some wonderful ideas!
  • Roots of American Music, added a musical component to a lesson on Civil Rights in a very creative way:

We are always interested in hearing how educators bring music to lesson plans for subjects like Math, Geography, Science, Literature, History, etc. We invite you to share!

Bringing Music to Non-Music Subjects