About Us

Our Mission:

Providing opportunities for personal development and self-expression through the support of music and music education.

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation, Todd Rundgren’s philanthropic organization, focuses on instrument-based music education, beginning at as early an age as possible, for a substantial length of time (minimum two years, and minimum four hours per week). We base our focus on academic studies on the empirical benefits of music education.

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation is based on the universally accepted concept that music is an integral element of the human experience, instrumental in the development of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and the formation of lifeskills. We engage directly with the most current and compelling academic research available to document the biological, social, academic, and economic benefits of music education.

The Foundation functions to leverage Rundgren’s philanthropic interests, professorial activities, worldview, vision, talent, celebrity, experience, fan-base, and professional resources to direct much-needed resources to nurture institutional education programs and the individual performer.

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation is unique in that its focus is to be the “mortar not the bricks” in helping match the needs of music programs with the resources they need to excel.

What do we do?

  • We raise awareness about the benefits of Music Education, and elevate Music Education to the level of Moral Imperative
  • We work directly with established music programs and start-up music programs to help match their many and varied needs with available resources (mainly non-monetary resources)
  • We spread the love and joy of music, and celebrate the important role music plays in our lives

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For additional information:

Please don’t hesitate to email the foundation at info@spiritofharmony.org to request any additional information.