Advisory Board

Mary Lou Arnold, Singer, Tour Manager, Art Teacher
Gio Bruno, Bruno’s Little Italy, Little Rock
Marie Clinton Bruno, Communications Mgt.; Little Rock
Rachel Culp, Clothing Designer, Toddstore
Chuck Cushinery, Ed.D., Ed W. Clark High School, Nevada
Digital Dave Kinder, Printer, Publisher, Producer, Engineer, Bassist
Nina Kraus, Ph.D., Northwestern University
Danny O’Connor, Photographer, Web Designer, Toddstore
Margaret Martin, DrPH, MPH, Harmony Project Founder
Alan W. Meerow, Ph.D., Editor, Spirit of Harmony Blog
Laura Patterson, Make Music NOLA
Prairie Prince, Renaissance Man
Joseph Schweiterman, Ph.D., DePaul University
Sara Stromseth-Troy, Young Adult Librarian, freelance writer, & volunteer in blog writing & social media for The Spirit of Harmony Foundation
Kasim Sulton, Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
IN MEMORIUM: Jesse Gress, Guitarist, Music Director, Author, Educator. Advisory Board Member 2013-2023
IN MEMORIUM: Ralph Schuckett, TV/Film Composer, Producer, Music Educator, Advisory Board Member 2015-2021

Todd's comments to Variety, April 7, 2021:
“But the way I prefer to remember him is from a time long ago,” Rundgren continued. “We were a new band on one of our first tours. Our gig in Albuquerque was canceled so we decided to spend a few days in Santa Fe at the Sonesta Hotel, an adobe and tile open-court design. Someone had gifted us a pile of mushrooms, which band and crew all consumed, and we spent the day at a pueblo reservation. It was early in the a.m. by the time most of us retired and the hotel became quiet, but for the distant sound of a piano. I followed the music and found Ralph playing a floor below me, the sound gently filling every corner of the building. He had his back to me so I just listened to him spin out notes and colors and emotions until I grew sleepy and went back to my room.
“For the rest of my life,” Rundgren concluded, “this is where Ralphie will be — improvising in the back of my mind.”