Unique Foundation


A nimble foundation, working in partnership with established programs, to recognize and respond to specific problems or needs with innovative solutions, yielding clearly measurable results.

“This is different in some ways.  We are interested in finding things that need help, programs that need help, that already have the necessary components, like an inspired teacher, struggling to keep a program going.”  Todd Rundgren

“We are less bricks and more mortar, to fill in the cracks, to come in and identify problems and help fix those problems.  We are there to add consistent, constant support.”  Todd Rundgren


Innovator, Visionary, Wonderkind, Renaissance Man, Genius… A Wizard, A True Star…
These are adjectives often used to describe the musician, songwriter, video pioneer and producer…
Todd Rundgren

Todd’s reputation for not only pushing boundaries, but creating new ones, only to then go beyond, is well established and defined the man and achievements throughout his 45-year career.  His status as a groundbreaking innovator was further affirmed when he recently received the prestigious Les Paul Award, recognizing outstanding achievement in professional audio technology and production.  Todd joins past recipients such as Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, David Byrne, and other artists.

Never one to sit still or look backward, Todd was inspired to turn his formidable skills, vision and love of music, to address an acute social issue: the need for music education opportunities for young people.  To achieve this goal, he founded Spirit of Harmony Foundation.

“To provide support and funding to school programs and other organizations trying to bring music to people who don’t have it…” Todd Rundgren


Spirit of Harmony will also broaden the scope and reach of music education opportunities beyond the classroom.

“We want to expand the mandate, to cover the broader business of music, use the program to identify individuals most benefiting, who need help to potentially turn their musical interests into a career and help to get them connected to the various entities they would need to know about.”  Todd Rundgren


“I have a particular quality of fans, which I am very fortunate to have maintained throughout most of my most of my career.” Todd Rundgren

In June of 2013, 165 of some of Todd’s most supportive fans spent a week outside of New Orleans, celebrating his 65th birthday.

“The fans thought: We are in New Orleans, New Orleans still needs help, and we want to do something that has something to do with music, since that is the thing that unites us.’  So they all kind of got together, started doing it themselves, they really didn’t check much with me and by the time we went down to the Lower 9th to visit this music program, without much hype at all they raised $10,000….” Todd Rundgren

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“It was such a high for everyone, the fans didn’t want to give up on it, we have to find more reasons to do this again.  I was approached by a couple of fan representatives with the idea to start this foundation…”  Todd Rundgren