Get Involved!

If music is important to you, then your involvement in Music Education Advocacy is important to us!

Participation is the key to grassroots music education advocacy:

  • Organize and donate to used musical instrument collection drives
  • Show up to local school council and PTA meetings
  • Support local fundraising efforts and events
  • Share your interest in music education within your own social and professional networks
  • AND… Attend children’s concerts and musical theatrical performances (even if you aren’t a parent!)

Be There for Them! 

A very important component of Music Education Advocacy is to actually show up and attend public concerts in your community, even if you don’t have children or grandchildren performing–ESPECIALLY if you don’t have children or grandchildren performing!

Please consider attending a few local children’s concerts in the upcoming months. Fill those seats and cheer for the children who are learning! The music might not be perfect, but it will certainly be an uplifting experience, and it will help encourage the little ones who are putting their effort and their heart into their performance.

Without a doubt, support and engagement from people in the community are major considerations when school and school district administrations decide how much $$ they are going allocate to their music programs. So your presence is very important indeed.

The icing on the cake is that this is also a wonderful opportunity to bring along other children in your life to join you, for a fun day of music and music appreciation and to expose them to the manners of being a good audience member.


Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss ways to become involved in our Mission of Music Education Advocacy in your own community!

Stand Up and Support Music Education!

For more information and for ideas about how YOU can get involved with grassroots music education advocacy, please explore our entire website, especially the section on Advocacy.