One World and SOHF Presents: TODDBIE-SAMA

One World is the Todd Rundgren and Utopia Fan Club in Japan.

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The Japanese words in the illustration say:
– Toddbie-sama
– Ekibyou Taisan = Plague Off

The story of the Amabie (pronounced Ah-mah-bee-ey) first appeared in an 1846 woodcut. The Amabie is a kind of Yokai, a supernatural creature, described as resembling a mermaid or merman, with three fin-like legs, long hair, and the head of a bird. The Amabie gave special instructions that a drawing of itself should be shown to prevent illness or to cure those who are ill. The Amabie is a symbol of protection from plague and evil.

Illustration created by Akiko Hattori.

TODDBIE is a symbol of protection, presented as a gift to Todd and Michele, Todd fans around the world, music fans, music students, and all who see it. Please share widely! For a collection of Toddbie-Sama imprinted items, pleace click here.

Toddbie was created as a collaboration between the Spirit of Harmony Foundation and One World, Japanese Todd Fans. Many thanks to Yoshino Takeuchi and Akko for making Toddbie-sama possible.

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