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EN-RICH-MENT (click here)

Hungry For Music:

Hungry For Music (HFM) is a grassroots volunteer-driven charity organization with a nationwide and international outreach.  HFM collects and repairs used music instruments, purchases new ones, to distribute to school and after-school programs.  Since 1994, they have distributed instruments to 48 states and 25 countries.

To get involved with Hungry For Music instrument collections, please click here, or visit

Utopia Tour Featured Organizations:

The Spirit of Harmony has had an information table at each of the Todd Rundgren’s Utopia shows on the Spring 2018 tour, and in some locations, we have been able to offer informational materials about a local music program to encourage grassroots activism.

House of Blues show, Houston, TX

  • This show was the first to feature a local music education program for youth–today is Music Doing Good. Mission: Music Doing Good, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization that inspires and transforms lives through innovative, music-based programming and performance experiences. They deliver four outreach programs that bring music to children in Houston who would otherwise not have access. The programs use music to stimulate minds, open hearts and ignite imagination. Music Doing Good touches the lives of thousands of individuals annually as we strive to create a world where we all live in concert.

Paramount Theatre show, Huntington, NY

  • Kris and Bob Fallot were on hand to showcase Bob’s Riverhead Central School District Pulaski Street Art Club that restores guitars and gives them to children in need.

Warner Theatre show, Washington, DC

  • Music For Life: Music for Life is community based organization that provides music education and mentoring programs to youth living in financially challenged or dysfunctional families. They also provide music equipment to partner organizations who have a qualified music program but not the equipment necessary for low income students to participate. They offer three programs; After-School Guitar Program, Band & Orchestra Program and STEM Guitar Project.

Tower Theatre show, Philadelphia, PA

  • Featured a fabulous national music program headquartered in Philly: Keep Music Alive has been partnering with the Spirit of Harmony for years to help spread the word about music education advocacy. To support this mission, Keep Music Alive founded two international music holidays: Teach Music Week and Kids Music Day. Together, we partner with hundreds of music school and retail locations in the US, Canada and around the world to offer free lessons to new students and bring more music to their communities through a variety of events and activities. Keep Music Alive founders Vincent James and Joann Pierdomenico have authored “88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life,” a truly inspirational book.

Ridgefield Theatre show, Ridgefield, CT

  • Keys: KEYS’ mission is to bring one-to-one instrument lessons and group music instruction to underserved inner-city children in Bridgeport, CT who have no other access to this empowering life experience.

Pabst Theater show, Milwaukee, WI

  • Nei Phi Neph Fratority: Nei Phi Neph’s mission is to promote healthy educational, emotional and social development of youth and children through one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, consistent school-to-mentor, mentor-to-parents, and open mentor-to-child communication. Nei Phi Neph Fratority believes in promoting positive change and self-empowerment for the bettering of our communities through Fine Arts and Community Service.

The Fillmore show, Detroit, MI

  • Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit:, whose critically acclaimed student-driven performances and national and international tours have brought worldwide attention to Detroit as a center for arts and culture while shining a spotlight on the area’s talented young people and creating new and diverse audiences for the performing arts. Mosaic empowers young people to maximize their potential through professional performing arts training and the creation of theatrical and musical art that engages, transforms and inspires.

Hard Rock Live shows, Cleveland, OH

  • EN-RICH-MENT,, (ENjoying the RICHness of Music, Education, Nurturing and Training). EN-RICH-MENT is a Canton, Ohio-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2012 that provides music, education, training, instruments, art, dance, voice, drumline and agriculture classes free of charge to underserved urban youth ages 5 through 18 years.

Chicago Theatre show, Chicago, IL

  • Intonation Music ( Mission: Intonation kids explore their limitless potential by learning to play instruments and forming their own rock bands. Offered in partnership with schools, park districts, and community organizations, our year-round classes make music accessible to children by providing them with instruments, instruction, mentorship, and the chance to perform on stages across the city. Each Intonation student takes part in a personal and team approach to practice, setting goals and problem solving; and over time, they gain the confidence to take charge of their direction and seek out new experiences.
  • The People’s Music School ( Mission: Our mission is to deliver access to the benefits of high-quality, tuition-free music education. Through intensive instruction and performance, our students achieve excellence in music that transfers to other areas in life. They grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, and develop a foundation of responsibility, self-esteem, resilience and purpose.

Paramount Theatre show, Denver, CO

  • Colorado Honor Band Association ( Mission: To provide an inclusive instrumental youth music program that fosters peer camaraderie, respect for culture, and a pursuit of excellence. We are passionate about offering a music education program for all interested students that goes above and beyond the fundamentals of music and how to play an instrument. That’s why we designed an inclusive program that upholds the highest standards of musical excellence and also provides a nurturing environment in which students can learn teamwork skills, thrive socially, and expand their worldview through travel.
  • Bringing Music To Life ( Mission: Bringing Music to Life enriches the lives of Colorado children and their communities by collecting, repairing and distributing donated musical instruments to schools and music programs, providing children who otherwise might not have the opportunity with the benefits that come from learning to play.
  • Take Note Colorado ( Mission: Take Note Colorado is a statewide initiative to provide access to musical instruments and instruction to every K‑12 student in Colorado. Take Note Colorado exists in recognition that music is a vital part of a well-rounded, vibrant education. Ensuring our students get the opportunity to experience and play music is a fulfillment of the cultural spirit of our great state, as well as a crucial investment in the continued growth of our thriving arts economy.

Comerica Theatre show, Phoenix, AZ

  • Rosie’s House ( Rosie’s House is committed to playing a pivotal role in a child’s future and strengthening our community. Founded in 1996, Rosie’s House began with 45 students attending afterschool music classes in a small home in an impoverished neighborhood. Over the course of the past twenty-years, Rosie’s House has grown to a full-fledged community music school with 400 students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds enrolled annually. As one of the largest free music afterschool programs nationwide, Rosie’s House uses achievement in music as a bridge to achievement in life; 96% of graduates in the past five-years have achieved their college and career goals.

The Moore Theatre show, Seattle, WA

  • Seattle Music Partners ( SMP cultivates a diverse and vibrant music-making community by providing youth with free music instruction and one-on-one mentoring to eliminate racial and economic barriers to quality music education. We do this by offering free after-school and evening program opportunities that use music and mentorship to impact the lives of young people. Our unique program matches skilled volunteers from the community, one-on-one, with students who wish to learn how to play an instrument. SMP students also attend weekly group lessons, led by our trained teaching artists, to gain ensemble experience. Instruments, music books, music stands and even transportation are provided free of charge.

Ten School Music Programs Throughout the U.S. Who Need Our Help:

Article by Caitlin Marlotte, Leader of Vega, a Minnesota-based music education nonprofit focused on increasing access to music in schools. Founder of Instruments in the Cloud. Please click here.