“Toddstock: 2008 All Excess”

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10th Anniversary Re-Issue of “Toddstock: 2008 All Excess”

This re-issue includes an additional 60 minutes of scenes from Toddstock II v.65, some unseen until now.

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All profits from the sale of this DVD benefit the Spirit of Harmony Foundation. Please note, if purchasing multiple copies to the same address, you will be refunded any excess postage/shipping costs on your order. We will offer quantity discounts for large orders– please contact us. 


“If we turn it into our own little Burning Man, then it will have an organic life of its own.” -Todd Rundgren, 2008

In June of 2008, Todd opened his home, inviting his fans for a Utopian Camporee on his property on Kauai. For more than a week together, 300 of them built a community: cooking, connecting, and celebrating with Todd and his family. The amazing memories of that week were documented in “Toddstock 2008: All Excess.”

“If you ever want another party like this you’ll never see another birthday! <LOL>” -Michele Rundgren, 2008

The original event was such a success, it was followed by Toddstock II v.65 in Louisiana in 2013 to celebrate Todd’s 65th birthday. Once again fans came together, creating numerous memorable moments: flash mobs, a massive fireworks display, and a community service gesture that inspired the formation of the Spirit of Harmony.

As Toddstock 2018 approaches, by popular demand, and with the blessing of Todd and Michele, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary, we are re-releasing the original movie along with 60 minutes of scenes from Toddstock II, some unseen until now.

Live and relive the memories, as we prepare to celebrate Todd’s 70th birthday at Toddstock 2018.


“I am still an artist because of the fans and they’ll actually make the event” -Todd Rundgren, 2008 



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