The Magistris Project

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Introducing The Magistris File

By Mark Woodin

Following completion of “The Magistris Project” cd, I became interested in the possibility of exploring a more humanistic development of the Magistris story- the results of what a personal interaction might create within the lives of individuals.

Rather than just arbitrarily writing a series of short stories, the concept evolved into what has become “The Magistris File”- a “mysterious” file of unknown origin whose contents  documenting such an interaction have been collected and numbered… allowing the reader to experience, explore and develop their own stories, interpretations and conclusions.

Within each file are 14 elements by 7 contributing artists in diverse media: photography, video, music, spoken word, visual art and prose. Featuring the music of Gil Assayas and a 16″x20″ color poster “The Magistris Through The Looking Glass” created exclusively for the “File” by Prairie Prince.

All proceeds from the sale of “The Magistris File” benefit Spirit of Harmony Foundation.


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The Magistris File price is $29.95 per copy, and the above options include postage and handling. Special offer: Add the Magistris Project CD to your Magistris File purchase for only $10 extra!

Within each file are 14 elements by 7 contributing artists in diverse media:
  • photography
  • video
  • music
  • spoken word
  • visual art
  • prose

Each first edition of “The Magistris File” is hand signed and numbered by the author, and randomly selected editions will include either a special limited hand signed poster by Prairie Prince or a Magistris symbol sticker signed by Kasim Sulton! 

The Magistris Project: Original CD


Using both words and music to covey its story, “The Magistris Project” album features three classic songs by Todd Rundgren, three previously unreleased songs by John Siegler, and three songs by John Ferenzik, as well as narration provided by Kasim Sulton.


The Magistris Project on the Road to Utopia!

The CD package includes full color insert and two “Magistris Project” stickers. CD running time is 36:46. 

Note from John Siegler: “Thank you Mark for honoring me by including my music in a wonderful project that also contains music written by my dear friend, colleague, mentor, and future Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Todd Rundgren. Nothing could please me more!!! Not to mention John Ferenzik’s smoking tracks and of course the Voice of G.. himself Kasim Sulton!!!!”

Note from Ralph Schuckett: “At long last I was able to listen to the album and it sounds great. A variety of evocative moods and melodies with some insane guitar solos. Good Luck with the Project!” 

During the month of April 2020, The Magistris Project donated proceeds from CD sales directly to the Jesse Gress Medical Fund. Jesse plays lead guitar on the album’s fourth track, “Bubblehead” (Orbs) by John Ferenzik. To contribute to this fund, please click here.


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