Gifts of Stock

Giving your stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other appreciated securities can provide immediate assistance to the Spirit of Harmony while being part of a planned giving strategy. You can also receive tax benefits from this method of giving. These gifts require special planning and should involve consultation with your financial advisor.

There are several planned giving strategies available to donors, each designed to fulfill the donor’s charitable wishes AND to take a bite out of current and future taxes. None of the options involves writing a check or incurring a capital gains tax burden. Here are a few painless ways to leave a lasting musical legacy:

  1. Outright bequest in a will
  2. Naming SOHF as a remainder beneficiary of donor’s IRA
  3. Designate SOHF as a remainder beneficiary of grantor’s trust
  4. Establishing a charitable trust, naming SOHF as a remainder beneficiary
  5. Elect to have an IRA’s required minimum distribution be paid to the Foundation (or a % of the distribution)

To make a gift of publicly traded stocks or mutual funds via electronic transfer, please contact the Foundation for delivery instructions at or (312) 205-6454.

The Foundation does not publish the delivery instructions in an effort to ensure proper identification of the donor transferring the gift.  Please verify the name of the securities and appropriate number of shares to be received and the designation of the gift prior to the transfer.

For mailing physical certificates, please send the certificate and stock power separately (for security purposes) to:
Spirit of Harmony Foundation
Attn: Jean D. Lachowicz, Executive Director
3536 N. Wilton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657