Advocacy Videos

Calling all Music Education Advocates!

Announcing the Spirit of Harmony Foundation Inspiration for Music Education video project: The Foundation has produced numerous videos from known professionals discussing their experiences with music education, now it is your turn to inspire young people.

SOHF is requesting short 2-3 minute video recordings from our friends and supporters to offer inspiration and encouragement to music students, especially at this time of social distancing and health concerns.

We are inviting you to please share your voice and your words of wisdom with today’s music students. Please approach this as if you are speaking with your own child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or young neighbor. Here are some suggestions: (but not limited)

  • What does music mean to me?
  • What role(s) has music played in your life, as a player and/or a listener
  • Why do I love music?
  • Why am I glad I learned to play music as a child?
  • Why is it important to keep playing and keep practicing, even if you are not going to grow up to be a professional musician?
  • If you still play, the fun and excitement of doing so for friends and family?
  • How has learning music as a child impacted your life as an adult, professionally and/or personal relationships?
  • If you could give your 10-year-old self some advice about learning music, what would it be?

These videos will be utilized in the music education advocacy work of Todd’s foundation, but we are NOT seeking comments about Todd or your relationship to his music specifically. Please speak to the broader role music has played in your life to inspire a young person to learn to play an instrument.

Please make it from the heart and keep it upbeat. These recordings will be edited and compiled into a video, so please speak clearly and in complete sentences. If you want to show off your own instrument, please do!

Technical Requirements

We are requesting an .MP4 file, horizontally framed, which can be recorded on your phone, camera, or other device. Send the .MP4 file to: