Support Request Form

As an “In Concert” program, we invite you to submit requests for what your program needs. We will make every effort to match your needs with our resources. You may submit as many requests as you wish, as frequently as you like. We will let you know as soon as possible whether we will be able to fulfill your request, or at least offer some resource suggestions/referrals to help fulfill your need.

Please consider the form below a “mini-grant-proposal.” We will accept Request for Support forms for anything that will impact the success of your program, and we encourage you to think outside the box, beyond monetary assistance and instrument donations, although all requests will be handled to the best of our ability.

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation is accountable to our own donors and supporters, therefore we will send out a year-end report form in November. Only organizations that fill out our year-end report form will be renewed as In Concert organizations for future years.

Please use this form for a single item(s) request. If you wish to make multiple requests for different items, click here.

Request for Support

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Briefly describe the number of children who will benefit from this request, and any pertinent demographic information of the children who will be served:

How will your request contribute to the success of your program and the success of the children in your program? (as long an answer as needed):

If this request is granted, by submitting this proposal you agree to send the Spirit of Harmony Foundation a report on the outcomes of the request at its completion.