Application for Music Programs

PLEASE NOTE: ENSEMBLE IS CURRENTLY BEING RE-EVALUATED. We are not accepting new applications at this time. Thank you.

The Spirit of Harmony Foundation supports the moral imperative of music education and music performance for youth. We offer a robust Advocacy Toolkit that provides an abundance of resources for all music programs to utilize. 

In addition, we invite programs and organizations that are in closest alignment with our specific Mission and Vision to apply to membership in our Spirit of Harmony Foundation “In Concert” circle. Being “In Concert” with the Foundation will give programs/organizations access to monetary and non-monetary donations, volunteers, and other benefits. 

Please tell us about your music program:

Program Name:

In what year did this program begin?:

Is your program instrument-based music education?:

What age group (give percentage for each group)?

0-1 Infants:

2-4 Toddlers:

5-7 Young Children:

8-13 Older Children:

13-19 Teens:

21+ Adults:


Affiliation (If Other):

We are an independent non-profit organization/corporation:

Number of program service hours per week for each child (not counting independent practice time):

Number of program service days per week for each child (not counting independent practice time):

What is your annual budget?

What is the source of your funding (percentages)?

Overall school budget:

Fundraising events:

Other funding sources: