A great many existing organizations are dedicated to helping provide help and opportunities for music education programs.  The following is list of some of these organizations, their core objectives, and how connecting with them may help individuals looking to start up or enhance music education programming in their school or community.

NAMM Foundation

Founded in 2006, The NAMM Foundation represents the generosity and philanthropy of the music products industry. A supporting organization of NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants, the NAMM Foundation is funded through trade association activities and donations. Its mission is to advance active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs. NAMM Foundation’s educational programs and advocacy materials are a powerful resource!

National Association for Music Education

NAFME has a very helpful page “Five Ways to Support Your Music Program” resources for parents and other music advocates. Check it out! and here are some excellent additional resources:

Music Education Works!

This is an international website that posts the latest and greatest music education information from around the world. Excellent resource!

Music Unites

This NYC-based organization connects students in underserved communities with budding musicians, offering music appreciation programming and collective performances between students and musicians.   For more information, please visit:

VH-1’s Save the Music

Donating millions of dollars worth of musical instruments each year, VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation is one of the most well-known philanthropic funds for music education.  For more information, please visit:

Little Kids Rock

Little Kids Rock partners with public school districts in some of the nation’s most economically disadvantaged communities with the goal of ensuring that all students (K-12) have access to music education and its many benefits:

Children’s Music Workshop

Children’s Music Workshop is an Emmy® award winning music education company which specializes in a variety of products and services including custom designed band and orchestra method books, school-site music instruction, music education advocacy and more.

Gift of Music Program, Charity Music Inc.

Charity Music Inc. loans musical instruments to homeless students in an effort to make music education accessible to all students.  For more information, please visit:

The Music Education Resource Network (MERN), The Foundation for Music Education

MERN is a mentoring initiative started by the Foundation for Music Education, which helps music educators to improve their skills in the classroom.  For more information, please visit:

Fender Music Foundation

One of the world’s most respective guitar manufacturers, Fender, also hosts a foundation dedicated to providing musical instruments for music education programs in communities as well as in schools.  For more information, please visit:

NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians)

NAPBIRT has created a useful and no-nonsense printer-friendly guide to getting the appropriate instrument for a student to use. Please click here.

Artsmart TV

Miss Patti’s Artsmart TV is a youtube channel filled with wonderful videos to stimulate interest in music and the arts among pre-schoolers. The Spirit of Harmony Foundation is developing a partnership with Miss Patti to help spread her message and give young children an early introduction to music education!

Some Helpful Links and Articles About Starting a Band Program