Local Fundraisers

Calling All Todd Fans!

Do you have an interest in developing an individual fundraiser for the Foundation?

As you’re all aware, the Spirit of Harmony Foundation was created to respond to the needs of established music programs with innovative solutions, and as such, it belongs to all of us.

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally invite each of you–Todd’s fans–to develop your own innovative solutions for an individual Foundation fundraiser. Each one of you has your own special talents, interests and abilities, and we’d love for you to step forward, become involved, and be recognized.

The concept here isn’t any form of “competition,” but rather a recognition of the creativity and value of every fan, working independently to further the Foundation’s mission. The types of fundraisers I’m suggesting don’t require a lot of time or expense. For example:

  • car wash
  • garage sale
  • bake sale
  • build or create something for online sale
  • golf tournament
  • talent show or performance
  • chili or spaghetti supper
  • … the possibilities are limited only by your imagination

I’m very excited to be your contact person for individual fan fundraising, so please take a moment to review our policies and procedures (FundraisingPolicies) for Foundation fundraising, then contact me directly with your ideas at fab4msw@sbcglobal.net.

We’ll be spotlighting completed individual fan fundraisers on the SOHF website regularly, so remember to take pictures!

Thank You!
Mark Woodin
Spirit of Harmony Foundation Board of Directors