2017 Report

Our Vision:

Instrument-based music education available for all children in the United States, beginning at the earliest age possible, offered in schools or as after-school programs for a significant length of time (minimum two years and four hours per week), so all children experience the measurable social, biological, economic, academic, and creative benefits of music education, the pillars of the Moral Imperative of Music Education.

Accomplishments – ADMINISTRATIVE:

Board of Directors. Welcomed three new Board members: Michael Baird, Joel Owens, and Mary Parent.

Board Meetings:

  • Virtual meetings/Board Ballots: January (election), February, March, August.
  • Full Board conference call meeting in July.
  • Bylaws Committee and Program Committee had numerous conference call meetings.
  • Executive Committee/Nominating Committee had an in-person meeting in December.

Advisory Board. Advisory Board members have been sent all quarterly programs reports.

Business Practices.

  • All reports and official forms filed on time.
  • All donations accurately logged and acknowledged.
  • Year-end tax letters for donors sent to all donors by January 31, 2018.
  • Ongoing efficient responsiveness to general and specific inquiries and opportunities via email, telephone, and social media.


  • A Night of Harmony Benefit Concert in New York City, January 17. Sold out show.
  • Individual donations: Ongoing donations, with fundraising solicitation in December. Ongoing nurturing of donors.
  • Two online auctions completed with all items promptly packed and shipped.
  • Corporate/Foundation grants:
    • Cultivation of major funding sources, potential and actual
    • Sought out opportunities for matching grants, challenge grants, and cause-related marketing.

Accomplishments – PROGRAM:

Some Numbers: SOHF supporters launched five events at different Quaker Steak & Lube restaurants during their “Bangin’ Drums 4 Music Education” promotion, supporting local music programs in Canton, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Denver, which provided an excellent opportunity to promote grassroots advocacy. SOHF supporters also worked closely with Hungry For Music on local collections of musical instruments and collected hundreds of instruments and pieces of audio gear in more than 20 cities during Hungry For Music’s cross-country collections. Ultimately, HFM collected and distributed 1000 instruments to children in need in 2017.

SOHF is the “mortar, not the bricks” and “filling in the cracks” to leverage our networks to provide music programs with the resources they need to excel. Instead of monetary grants, the Foundation provides music programs with best-practices resources and one-on-one assistance in capacity building and realizing their needs. To accomplish this mission, a wide range of partnerships are established and nurtured. Current active partnerships include: music manufacturers, instrument repair, businesses and corporations, school systems, academic institutions, service clubs, nonprofits, community leaders, music groups and artist fan bases, etc.

Our Advocacy Toolkit is website-based and continually updated information to assist individuals and organizations for grassroots efforts to support music education. Also, the Foundation is involved with advocacy among elected officials, as appropriate.

Ongoing Musical Instrument Collections. In attempting to establish a database that would match the needs of music programs with the resources they require to meet those needs, we observed that, by far, the primary and most universal need of music programs is musical instruments. Utilizing the Foundation’s network of supporters, musical instrument donations have been conducted across the country. Since instrument drives require pick-up/drop off sites, evaluation, repair/reconditioning, and redistribution, we have developed a close partnership with Hungry For Music and Instruments In The Cloud, two nonprofits that specialize in these vital logistics.

Public Information/Engagement:

  • Website and “Music In A Word” Blog: Ongoing updates with fresh content.
  • Quarterly newsletter “Libretto” sent to email list of over 8000.
  • Inquiries from the general public.
  • Social Media: Through daily posts on Facebook and Twitter, the Foundation continually spreads awareness about the importance of Music Education in particular and music in general. The Foundation’s goal with social media is to provide high quality academic, inspirational, and fun content that will be liked and shared by our networks. The “hook” of all posts is always music education advocacy. Full social media report follows.

Social Media Report

Year End 2016 Year End 2017
Facebook Group Members 2122 (began January 2017)
Facebook Page “Likes” 4484 5354
Facebook Reviews 19 – all “5 star” top rating 38 – all “5 star” top rating
Twitter followers 870 983
YouTube Channel subscribers 191 353
Website individual users 2304 3755
Email List (Constant Contact) 8002 8717